About Us

Finjan is a family run Café & Restaurant located in Tolworth, Surrey serving Iraqi cuisine. We welcome our customers all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner or just to enjoy a hot or cold beverage with a snack or maybe a Shisha in our outdoor Broadway seating with a game of backgammon.
We offer a bowl of Lentil soup before and a cup of Iraqi tea after with all main course orders and serve two types of Iraqi bread, the Iraqi Khubuz similar to naan and the Samoun.

Iraqi Cuisine
Wikipedia says “Iraqi cuisine or Mesopotamian cuisine has a long history going back some 10,000 years to the Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Ancient Persians and Arabs. Tablets found in ancient ruins in Iraq show recipes prepared in the temples during religious festivals – the first cookbooks in the world.”
Grills and rice are essential ingredients served with stews and Iraqi bread. Food is flavoured with aromatic herbs and is very mildly spicy to entice taste buds to their allure.